Architex & Bittensor

Bittensor reinvents artificial intelligence by democratizing intelligence creation and evaluation through mining. By engaging as a miner and a validator, Architex will use machine learning models to respond to various network requests, thereby contributing to a limitless source of decentralized intelligence and unlimited potential.

Architex as Miner-Validator:

By simultaneously assuming the roles of miner and validator, Architex is committed to advancing the development of the Bittensor ecosystem. Architex will respond to any requests received using its learning models as a miner.

Additionally, Architex plays a crucial role as a validator by carefully assessing the quality and relevance of contributions to the network. This helps wih maintaining the value of the generated intelligence and ensures that the network operates at its full potential.

Architex, built on top of Bittensor, will offer new opportunities to the community. Technical Emission Process on Bittensor:

1. TAO Emission: 1 unit of TAO is generated every 12 seconds. A fraction of this TAO is allocated to each of the 32 subnets based on their performance, with the total distribution equating to 100% of the generated TAO, determined by the root network.

2. Emission Allocation: At every interval of 360 blocks in a user subnet, the accumulated TAO is emitted into the subnet. These emitted TAO are then distributed as follows:

- Dividends for subnet validators.

- Incentives for subnet miners.

3. Root Network vs Subnets: The root network, with a netuid of 0, is distinguished by a structure where the top 64 validators of the subnets define the weights for the 32 subnets. These weights directly influence the emissions allocated to each subnet.

Technical Integration Mechanisms by Architex

Architex utilizes the following mechanisms to maximize benefits for its participants:

Root Network Weights Analysis: By closely examining the weights assigned by the root network validators, Architex identifies the most valuable subnets and thus, the most likely to receive high emissions.

Contributions Optimization: Architex maximizes rewards by prioritizing lucrative subnets through the analysis of mining and validation activities.

Model Refinement: Architex also leverages data and tools provided by OpenValidators and Wandb to continuously refine the models utilized in mining and validating, increasing overall performance and, consequently, the emissions received.

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