BTC & TAO Mining and Morpheus Validation, three independent processes.

In Architex’s mining farms, Bitcoin’s mining process, as well as TAO’s, and the Morpheus validation tasks, are each designed to operate independently. This operational independence is essential, both from a hardware perspective and in terms of strategy diversification.

BTC mining primarily relies on ASICs (Application-Specific Integrated Circuits), which are optimized to solve specific cryptographic algorithms such as SHA-256, used by Bitcoin. In contrast, TAO mining and validation on Morpheus require a different type of hardware, often based on GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) or CPUs (Central Processing Units), which offer greater flexibility to adapt to different consensus algorithms.

Therefore, separating BTC mining from TAO mining and Morpheus operations allows Architex to avoid centralizing its activities on a single blockchain or technology, and having a single point of failure. This approach reduces the risks associated with dependency on a single source of revenue and increases Architex’s resilience to the cryptocurrency market fluctuations.

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