Architex’s Mining Structure: Independence and Efficiency

Bitcoin mining is an integral part of Architex’s hardware infrastructure like it has been since 2017, while operations on other blockchains, such as TAO, remain currently decentralized. This strategy enables Architex to benefit from the best prices on the market in terms of performance, for example: by leveraging NVIDIA H100 graphics processing units for mining cryptocurrencies, other than Bitcoin.

By decentralizing some of the mining operations on TAO, flexibility and efficiency are maximized by leveraging the best suited resources available on the market, while keeping mining costs under control. This allows Architex to remain competitive, quickly adapt its strategy to market developments, and reduce its operational costs.

By separating BTC mining activities from those of other cryptocurrencies, Architex optimizes its hardware and energy investments for each type of mining, ensuring better overall profitability.This strategic approach underscores Architex’s commitment to innovation and operational excellence, while heading towards the integration of advanced technologies such as Optimining on Morpheus.

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