Architex Ecosystem

The ARCX token is the foundation of the Architex ecosystem, providing a secure and efficient revenue stream within the ecosystem. Designed using a sophisticated economic modeling approach, ARCX ensures its fair and sustainable distribution over time.

ARCX is designed to appreciate in value over time based on its perpetual value capture. This makes it a crucial component of the Architex DAO ecosystem, offering benefits to both users and investors.

Importantly, the ARCX supply is finite, with no additional tokens minted beyond those allocated for mining rewards. This ensures a healthy balance between supply and demand. The ARCX token serves two key functions: mining and governance.

By staking ARCX, users can earn rewards generated by Architex's mining tech. Additionally, the DAO can vote to expand its reach to other chains in the future.

ARCX Distribution & Issuance: TOTAL SUPPLY: 10M

Seed Investors: 6% - 10% TGE / 90% daily linear vesting for three months (@ 5M FDV).

Launchpad: 3.75% - 30% TGE / 70% daily linear vesting for three months (@ 8M FDV).

Team: 20% - Cliff 12 months - monthly linear vesting for 24 months.

LBP: 15% - 100% unlocked at TGE.

Treasury: 15% - Locked, monthly linear vesting for 72 months

LP/CEX/Listings: 15% - 50% unlocked TGE, monthly linear for 24 months.

Mining Incentivizes: 24.25% - Locked.

Airdrop: 1% - 30% unlocked at TGE - Monthly linear vesting for two months.

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